• The BFCC project partners are developing and automatic reporting system with a specific algorithm to enable continuous surveillance of data from the transnational fracture registry platform and to compare the process’ quality and health outcome related to relevant clinical issues.

  • In the wake of the Bone Innovation Summit, the partners of the projects BFCC and BONEBANK came together in a final meeting on February 14th, 2019 in Lübeck, Germany to evaluate their projects’ results (click here to read more on the jointly hosted Bone Innovation Summit).

  • How to build up a pan-Baltic Fracture Management Community supporting capacity building and a comprehensive knowledge transfer? The new publication on stakeholder recommendations tackles these question by giving an insight into the categorisation of stakeholders involved in the BFCC project and summarising their interests, similarities and differences as well as future challenges identified by them.

  • What are the causes for infections? What are the right approaches to develop infection control solutions and demonstrating innovation gaps? To tackle these questions, the BFCC project carried out a demonstration pilot with partners from clinic and industry in the research area of infections after fractions.

  • In order to show how collaborations can be further developed, implemented and executed in the future, the BFCC project partners have conducted a collaboration manual which contains the main information on the operational framework of BFCC’s research and innovation (R&I) collaboration platform.

  • Within the BFCC project, hospitals and companies have developed effective procedures for planning, establishing and implementing joint innovation cooperation. A prior conducted online survey of the BFCC project partners participating in the project’s pilots (regarding complications, infections and bone density measurement) provided insights on the communication between the partners and on the challenges it faced.

  • Defining long-term structure and use of the registry for hospital related purposes (quality management, research, starting points for innovation and product development) is a crucial aspect and one of the BFCC’s major tasks.