Bone Innovation Summit 2019

The Bone Innovation Summit 2019 took place at the media docks in Lübeck from 13-14 February. The event was jointly hosted by the two Interreg projects BFCC and BONEBANK as well as the Northopedics network that is funded by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.
How can bone healing be improved? Which goals are to be achieved for pending researches? And what opportunities can be developed to solve existing challenges? Those were only few questions faced by the participants at the Bone Innovation Summit.

After the welcome speech of Andrea Eickmeier from the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and Hinrich Habeck from Life Science Nord Management GmbH, Dietmar W. Hutmacher, professor at Queensland University of Technology Brisbane provided the keynote speech on ‘Scaffold guided bone regeneration from bench to bedside'.



Andrea Eickmeier
Dietmar W. Hutmacher

Afterwards, the project leaders of BFCC, BONEBANK and Northopedics provided the guests with an overview of their project including their current states and objectives. You are welcome to download the presentations below:

Addressing various fields of discussion

Another highlight was the open discussion led by Ralf Duckert from DSN Connecting Knowledge about innovations with German and Swedish guests from medical and research institutions. During the Bone Innovation Summit, several topics alternately hosted by BONEBANK, BFCC or Northopedics were discussed by researchers and stakeholders from industry including informative speeches and presentations. The BFCC project partners gave essential inputs on aspects like

    • the fracture registries’ IT infrastructure and patient data protection
    • the registry and its provided data as a prime example of introducing innovative methods into fracture management
    • the different approaches in treating implant related infections in the Baltic Sea Region.

Meanwhile, BONEBANK’s project partners tackled questions on biobanking and regeneration and shed new light on the issue of mesenchymal stem cell therapy. Materials and technology, diagnostics and treatment as well as infections and implants were the fields of discussions hosted by Northopedics. If you are interested in more detailed information about the topics, click here to download the presentations provided by the speakers.


Wolfgang Hoffmann
open discussion
Michael Krawczak
attentive audience

Some thoughts on the BFCC project

'Just one word: network! A network, that even lasts beyond the project’s runtime.' Janne Karjalainen, Bone Index Finland

'Another great example for both the challenge and the perspective and potential of the interdisciplinary work with clinicians and the industry on health related problems.' Wolfgang Hoffmann, University Medicine Greifswald

Dr.-Ing. Christine Höfer, head of AUC-Office Registries and Research Coordination, Academy of Trauma Surgery, Berlin on how to strengthen the motivation of clinicians and hospitals: 'There must be a clear benefit for all participants to keep the motivation high also in the long run. For clinicians and hospitals this could be for example scientific output, quality measurement and benchmark.'