The BONE INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019 was driven by the Interreg projects BFCC and BONEBANK as well as the Northopedics network that is funded by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Representatives of industry, research and the clinical sector have met to share their knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas to explore solutions that address the needs of people affected by the issue of bone healing.

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Workshops for Stakeholders

The BFCC organises workshops to identify and discuss the requirements of relevant stakeholders from e.g. healthcare, health policy and industry to a transnational fracture registry. The workshops aim to continuously improve and further develop the registry, so that its data can be used proactively by the stakeholders for their specific purposes within R&I strategies, health care planning and steering of resources.

Find here a list of the BFCC's workshops sorted by respective countries: 


11.10.2018 Krakow, Poland    
06.09.2018 Tartu, Estonia Link to summary (PDF)
14.06.2018 Odense, Denmark Link to summary (PDF)
16.05.2018 Gothenburg, Sweden Link to summary (PDF)
28.03.2018 Seinajöki, Finland Link to summary (PDF)
16.03.2018 Kaunas, Lithuania

Link to summary (PDF)

27.04.2017 Kiel, Germany

Link to summary (PDF)


Stakeholder Mapping

In addition to understand and anticipate the needs and concerns of stakeholders active in the field of fracture management via personal communication and stakeholder workshops, BFCC aims at identifying and displaying competences of stakeholders at the project website. Therefore, we invite you to take part in our stakeholder mapping process.

Are you a stakeholder? Please download and fill out the questionnaire.

Innovation Dialogue

What are the potentials of fracture management? What are the challenges within fracture treatment? How to close innovation gaps? The BFCC’s innovation dialogue is an opportunity for companies and clinicians to enter into dialogue on these kind of questions and to get insights on the problems within fracture management from both the industry’s and the hospital’s view.


Learn more about the challenges companies and clinicians are facing and have a view on our list of the BFCC's Innovation Dialogue Workshops:


12.10.2018 Gothenburg, Sweden        
02.10.2018 Kaunas, Lithuania Link to summary (PDF)    Local event
26.06.2018 Kaunas, Lithuania Link to summary (PDF)    
01.06.2018 Lübeck, Germany Link to summary (PDF)    
31.05.2018 Lübeck, Germany Link to summary (PDF)    
24.04.2018 Krakow, Poland Link to summary (PDF)    
16.03.2018 Kaunas, Lithuania Link to summary (PDF)    
09.03.2018 Gothenburg, Sweden Link to summary (PDF)    



The BFCC's partners represent the project at various external events to attract attention amongst different interest groups for the importance of transnational collaboration for innovation within fracture management in the BSR.

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BONE INNOVATION SUMMIT 13-14 February 2019

This international and interdisciplinary top event highlighted the topic of bone healing for health care and research, industry and economy. The summit was organised by the projects BFCC, BONEBANK and Northopedics. It took place on February 13th and 14th 2019 at the Media Docks in Lübeck, Germany. Find more information on the discussed topics and results here.

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Transnational Forum: Innovative Hospital

What is the "innovative hospital"? In which areas of the hospital is it worth investing potential innovations? How to introduce innovations efficiently? How to create in the hospitals conditions, favorable for the creation of innovations? These and further questions were the main focus at the Transnational Forum at the Life Science Open Space conference in Krakow, Poland.

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Data security seminar at EU level

The BFCC project partners will face the challenge of sharing eHealth data across borders. Therefore, an EU data protection conformance for the transnational fracture registry, the heart piece of the project, is required. By this, the transnational fracture registry BFCC provides a working example for overcoming the barriers that stop the free flow of eHealth data.
Furthermore, the BFCC project partners organised a seminar at EU level to discuss this particular topic with eHealth experts from the Baltic Sea Region. With all these activities, BFCC makes an important contribution to the digitalisation agenda for the Baltic Sea Region.

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