Milestone reached: First Patient In

Database entry: Supporting BFCC's visibility and project transparency

Ready and prepared for the first patient data

  • The Transnational Fracture Registry Platform (TFRP) is ready for the first entry of patient treatment data: All hard- and software components have been installed and configured by the Institute for Community Medicine at the University Medicine Greifswald (UMG). To ensure data integrity and data safety, sophisticated measures in terms of hardware for backup and storage, as well as essential management software were implemented.

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Infection management with CERAMENT™ antibiotic portfolio

How to involve important parties - BFCC at the German Congress of Health Services Research 2017

A really competitive advantage up here

  • General secretary Peter Frank from ScanBalt fmba tells us in a video interview about the strategic and networking aspects of the BFCC project making it a unique approach to innovation in the field of fracture management.

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Hot Topic: Data Capture within the BFCC Project

Project partner UKSH participates in Interreg volunteers initiative

German Ambassador in Estonia met with BFCC project

  • The German Ambassador in Estonia, Christoph Eichhorn, visited the University of Greifswald on July 3, 2017. In preliminary talks, Henriette Rau from the Institute for Community Medicine at the UMG – the project’s leading partner for technical infrastructure and data management - presented the BFCC project, its first results and the fruitful cooperation with partners in Estonia.

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Identifying needs: How to work with clinicians and hospitals!

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  • Nils Reimers from Stryker Trauma represented the BFCC project at the MedFit conference at Grenoble, France from 28th to 29th June 2017. The focus of the conference was the collaboration between medical technology industries and clinicians. How this works within the Baltic Fracture Competence Center, Nils Reimers showed during his presentation. Together with his project partner, Anders Jönsson from the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, he initiated a lively discussion about the identification of clinical needs – one of the preconditions for innovation.

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BFCC Common Data Set is now available

“We will shorten the hospital stays of patients with fractures.”

Baltic Sea Region is frontrunner for eHealth

Cross-border transfer of eHealth data - BFCC session at Baltic Sea Region Forum

First results at the Requirement Engineering Workshop in Germany

NDPHS discusses steps to help ensure sustainability of BFCC project results

A new project partner with specialised competences: BONESUPPORT

Flagship projects set sail for the European Union strategy in Copenhagen