Fractures and linked health disorders are going to increase in the future due to an ageing society. The project “Baltic Fracture Competence Centre” (BFCC) will set up local fracture registries at five hospitals around the Baltic Sea Region and link them together in one transnational fracture registry.

This first transnational registry will support hospitals and companies in the Baltic Sea Region in identifying needs and potentials for innovation within fracture management. Furthermore, clinicians will support the innovation process by identifying clinical needs.

As a future platform for fracture management BFCC will start collaboration between industry and hospitals by carrying out three demonstration pilots.


BFCC Mid-Term Report – the project’s activities in stakeholder management

What are the challenges regarding stakeholder management? How to enter into dialogue with relevant stakeholders?

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Gaining insights in partner hospitals: an interview with Jasper Frese

Jasper Frese, who serves within the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative, told us about his experiences at partner hospital sites.

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