Ready and prepared for the first patient data

The Transnational Fracture Registry Platform (TFRP) is ready for the first entry of patient treatment data: All hard- and software components have been installed and configured by the Institute for Community Medicine at the University Medicine Greifswald (UMG). To ensure data integrity and data safety, sophisticated measures in terms of hardware for backup and storage, as well as essential management software were implemented.

Over the last months, the UMG was preparing for the processing of fracture related patient data from the first partner hospital UKSH. With respect to legal regulations of the EU GDPR, person-identifying data (IDAT) will be stored separately from medical data (MDAT) within the independent Trusted Third Party (TTP). Moreover, the TTP is responsible for the provision of pseudonyms and the management of the patient’s informed consent. Pseudonymised fracture-related MDAT will be stored in a separate research platform, the TFRP.

The findings achieved from the collected fracture treatment and complications data will benefit the development of new innovative products, clinical methods and best practices. Furthermore, the data collection and analysis within the TFRP of the BFCC project will contribute to

  • improving the quality of age-related fracture treatment and comorbidities such as osteoporosis, infections and poorly healing broken bones
  • discovering risks for the development of fracture-related complications

In this way, the BFCC project will also help to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment methods and improve their quality for the long term.

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