Effective networking with the innovation network for bone healing

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With Northopedics an innovation network for bone healing is established in Northern Germany. It aims at bringing together regional expertise in the field of bone healing and enhancing information exchange between hospitals, research institutions and industry. That’s why the BFCC project partners Life Science Nord, Stryker Trauma and the Medical Center of Schleswig-Holstein (Campus Lübeck) participated in the kick-off-meeting in Schönkirchen/Kiel, Germany. During that meeting, the BFCC partners could learn about clinical and industrial needs and the corresponding necessary innovations presented in the experts’ discussion.

The Northopedics project combines competences and strengthens the research and development of new products, procedures and services in several fields of bone healing. In this regard, it supplements the activities of BFCC which will provide evidence on effectiveness of fracture treatment and reveal clinical needs and potentials for innovation through a transnational fracture registry, and, therefore, aims to foster innovation within fracture management within a similar stakeholder network.
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