NDPHS discusses steps to help ensure sustainability of BFCC project results


During the latest meeting of its Expert Groups’ leaderships, the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) discussed how to help ensure that the BFCC results would be transferred from the project level to the policy level. “I appreciate an innovative approach exercised by the BFCC project and believe it will contribute to the improvement of health care conditions in the Baltic Sea Region. We are now discussing how our Partnership could help ensure sustainability of BFCC project results,” confirmed Marek Maciejowski, Director of the NDPHS Secretariat.

As a first step, the NDPHS supported the BFCC Project Partner’s efforts in their bid to hold a workshop “eHealth and Data transfer across borders in the BSR” within the 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The Annual Forum will take place on 13 – 14 of June in Berlin. read more

The NDPHS is a transnational partnership. The cooperative consists of ten governments, the European Commission and eight international organisations. The mission is to promote sustainable development within the Northern European countries. There are seven expert groups which provide professional input to the preparation and implementation of joint activities carried out within the framework of the Partnership. read more

The BFCC project is included in the NDPHS Database (see database entry). This database is a unique single access point to and a repository of information and data on (i) ongoing and implemented projects, (ii) organisations, (iii) persons (project leaders, experts, etc.), and (iv) papers (publications, reports, newsletters, etc). Thematically, this database covers issues of relevance to public health and social well-bein.

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