Industrial needs: BSN medical calls for better insight on treatment success

BFCC involves companies to identify the needs and potentials for innovation within fracture management. BSN medical, Germany, has agreed to give input as a medical device producer for nonsurgical treatment methods. ‘The distal radius fracture is one of the most common injuries in orthopaedic practice. But in spite of the huge experience with this fracture type, there is no consensus regarding its treatment. This results in a broad scope of various treatment methods,’ says Oliver Hass from BSN medical on the occasion of the latest project meeting in Hamburg, Germany. ‘Many believe that surgical approaches are superior to conservative approaches as some studies show a better range of motion in patients three months after the treatment, while other studies show that these advantages are no longer there one year after the treatment’ continues Oliver Hass during his presentation at the project meeting. He raises the question if other outcome measures and also the inclusion of adverse events – like infection of the surgical wound – could lead to more balanced treatment decisions, and to a more cost-effective approach for society as a whole.
With his presentation Oliver Hass illustrated how the establishment of a transnational fracture registry could contribute to a better comparability of patient data. This could result in identifying the best possible treatment for patients and enhance a more profound understanding of the occurrence and progression of fractures.

BSN medical is specialised in developing high-quality medical products in the fields of wound care, compression treatment and orthopaedics.



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