Bindex® technology successfully tested in osteoporosis management

‘Pulse-echo ultrasound method for detection of post-menopausal women with osteoporotic BMD’ – this is the title of a recently published international study. The study data demonstrate that a strategy of combining ultrasound measurement with added DXA measurements in cases with intermediate ultrasound results (about 30%) can be useful for identifying subjects at risk for a low bone mineral density in the osteoporotic range. This result emphasizes the importance of the activities of Bone Index. The Finnish BFCC project partner has developed Bindex®, a tool on basis of ultrasound for osteoporosis screening and diagnostics. CEO Ossi Riekkinen is pleased: “It was a long journey, but the team did it with a great result.” About 75% of osteoporotic patients are left undiagnosed and untreated because diagnostics are performed only at secondary care.


Read more about the study at Springer Link.


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