Added value: Comparing data sets from various registries

After the summer break, the BFCC project continues its workshops with the purpose to understand how to meet the requirements of relevant stakeholders from health care, health policy and industry. At the latest workshop on September 6th in Tartu, Estonia project partner Prof Dr Aare Märtson from the University of Tartu introduced BFCC’s transnational registry and presented the common minimal dataset to the workshop attendees from the Estonian and Latvian health sector and business support organisations.
Generally, the feedback of the workshop’s participants indicates that the registry represents a great approach to offer valuable data for further use within the development of new products, research as well as for optimising fracture management itself. Turning to the quality of collected data, the discussions within the workshop tackled the question regarding the need of an added value generated by the BFCC transnational registry. It was pointed out that the connection to other registries and the possibility of comparing data sets from various registries is a crucial aspect of the BFCC. For this matter, the project has furthermore to focus on the consistency of definitions and understandings of input from all participating hospitals.


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