A new project partner with specialised competences: BONESUPPORT


We welcome our new project partner BONESUPPORT™. The Scandinavian medical technology company will contribute to our demonstration pilots "infections" and "complications" as industrial partner.
BONESUPPORT is dedicated to the development of injectable osteoconductive biomaterials for the treatment of fragility fractures caused by osteoporosis, and bone voids or gaps caused by trauma, disease or related to surgical procedures i.e. benign tumors, fracture malunion or augmentation of fracture repair.
The founder Lars Lidgren, is a member of a group of Swedish and US Knee and Hip surgeons (from Lund and Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as Boston and Rochester, USA) that has received the 2017 OREF Clinical Research Kappa Delta Award. The award was given for the group's outstanding research contribution leading to improved prosthetic survival and patient outcomes.

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