Transnational Fracture Registry Platform is launched

The BFCC Transnational Fracture Registry Platform (TFRP) was launched by the University Medicine Greifswald (UMG) at production level. The TFRP is the core infrastructure element of BFCC to collect research data regarding fracture management and fracture-related complications. more


Common Data Set developed

In order to implement the transnational registry for fractures, the project partners developed a Common Data Set. The definition of the Data Set and its implementation is led by the BFCC infrastructure and data management partner Institute for Community Medicine at the University of Greifswald (UMG). The Common Data Set is the basis to answer research questions about fracture scenarios, treatment procedures and complications. Additionally, the Common Data Set will facilitate benchmarking among countries and to describe best practices.

Click here to get an impression of the Minimal Data Set.


Identifiying needs of stakeholders

The BFCC project invited stakeholders from academia, clinics and industry to identify needs in view to the transnational fracture registry platform. The participants of these events are also asked for ideas. more


Data security for eHealth across borders discussed

The BFCC project partners will face the challenge of sharing eHealth data across borders. Therefore, an EU data protection conformance for the transnational fracture registry, the heart piece of the project, is required. By this, the transnational fracture registry BFCC provides a working example for overcoming the barriers that stop the free flow of eHealth data.
Furthermore, the BFCC project partners organised a seminar at EU level to discuss this particular topic with eHealth experts from the Baltic Sea Region. With all these activities, BFCC makes an important contribution to the digitalisation agenda for the Baltic Sea Region. more


In the future

You will also find here the BFCC Innovation Library for Fracture Management including among others

  • 2 innovation reports identifying needs and potentials for clinical and industrial stakeholders within fracture management
  • Recommendations on clinical innovation needs and best practice
  • Implant-related infection control solution concept
  • Controll study of the clinical evaluation of the diagnostics Bindex® device

Stay tuned!